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Welcome to Penn Foster
Industrial Skills Education, Inc.


 Penn Foster is over 120 years  old and its library consists of over 3,000 courses, covering multiple  delivery options: independent, print-based study units, video, computer  based CDs and multimedia packaged programs. These courses are in the  fields of: State Apprenticeships, career diplomas and certificates,  college courses and Bachelor and Associate Degrees, high school,  industrial trades, safety, law, tax, financial services, higher  education, reference information, corporate training and course  assessment, scientific research and healthcare services.

My focus is assisting you and your clients/employees with their training and educational needs.
All  of the courses are designed for self-study and incorporates a  programmed learning approach. Because of the flexible program design,  which requires no travel or on-site classes, enables the student to  complete their training with no lost production and at their own pace  and time. Each section is reinforced with self-check quizzes. The  student's mastery of each study unit is substantiated with a Penn Foster  graded exam. Exams are submitted online and each exam can be taken  twice with the student receiving the higher score of the two grades. The  courses and test can be taken from just about anywhere at anytime. We  also grade all exams, maintain all records, issue monthly reports on  each student as they progress, provide telephone help lines staffed by  subject matter experts, and award certificates upon completion.While  our courses were designed for self-study, they can just as easily be  converted to an “In-House” training program or apprenticeship with  little or no change. Test can even be administered and graded by the  instructor.Companies  may choose an already existing outline or with your assistance, I can  create a program/outline for your consideration. Our system is totally  customizable, so a unique program/outline can be created as small or  large to fit your needs. We also offer several different testing  services that would allow you to see an employees knowledge or strength /  weakness areas within our subjects.I  work closely with all of my customers to insure that all of their  course objectives are met. I look forward to hearing from you soon, so  that we may discuss the different options available for your training  needs.


Christopher A Whitehair

Penn Foster -Training Consultant
Workforce Development