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State of New Hampshire Apprentices

 Thank you for your interest in the State of New Hampshire Approved Courses through Penn Foster. These courses are fully recognized and approved by the State of New Hampshire's Apprentice Board. They are designed for self-study and incorporate a programmed learning approach to be coupled with your on the job training. Each course is substantiated with a Penn Foster online graded exam. We grade all exams, maintain records, issue monthly reports on each student’s progress, provide telephone help lines staffed by subject matter experts, and award a New Hampshire certificate upon completion. There is no waiting and the courses begin after your initial enrollment.  

The approved courses are as follows:

1. State of New Hampshire Carpentry Course Years 1-4 

2. State of New Hampshire Electrician Course Years 1-4  (The State of VT has approved this as well)

3. State of New Hampshire Plumber Course Years 1-4 

4. Continuing Education Classes    


You may be eligible for discounts on your tuition. These discounts are predicated on a variety of factors*. Please contact me to discuss the curriculum and determine what discounts you may qualify for.   

   * Discounts based on: 

1) How many students are enrolled. 

2) Length of the course/outline. 

3) If paid in full or the initial down payment.     

For NH State verification on these courses please contact:

Pamela Olin 

Administrative Assistant  

Electricians Office of Professional Licensure and Certification, 

Division of Technical Professions 

121 South Fruit St Suite 201 

Concord NH 03301 

Phone: 603-271-2219 

Fax: 603-271-7928